Venus is not Ishtar or Ashoreth

Venus is a planet in our solar system.  She was also called Ishtar by the Babylonians and Astarte by the Phoenicians, , but the Bible has no record of either name.   Instead, we know her by Ashoreth which becomes Aphrodite in Ancient Greece. The Babylonian Ishtar represented the evening and morning stars and was accordingly … Continue reading Venus is not Ishtar or Ashoreth


Lovely church in So. Africa

UK firm steyn studio has completed the design of a chapel in south africa’s western cape province. set within a vineyard, the building’s sculptural form mirrors the outline of the surrounding mountain ranges, while simultaneously referencing the region’s distinctive cape dutch architecture. noticeably designed without a traditional spire, the roof canopy has been constructed from … Continue reading Lovely church in So. Africa

Isaiah Berlin: Marx & Socialism

Marx wrote that Socialism does not appeal, it demands.  While it speaks of rights, it also, assumes a new life form, liberated from constraints of the previous historical social structures and the old social order that it has destroyed.  Instead, moral, political & economic conceptions have altered the very social conditions from which they sprang, … Continue reading Isaiah Berlin: Marx & Socialism