Isaiah Berlin: Marx & Socialism

Marx wrote that Socialism does not appeal, it demands.  While it speaks of rights, it also, assumes a new life form, liberated from constraints of the previous historical social structures and the old social order that it has destroyed.  Instead, moral, political & economic conceptions have altered the very social conditions from which they sprang, … Continue reading Isaiah Berlin: Marx & Socialism

Memorial Day & Arlington Nat’l Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia Thousands of visitors come to America's most hallowed cemetery on Memorial Day for one of two major annual observances; the first on the calendar is Memorial Day.   The other is Veterans Day, November 11. Over 300,000 veterans have been laid to rest here since the property was seized from General … Continue reading Memorial Day & Arlington Nat’l Cemetery

How Cadbury makes those Easter {Creme} Eggs

The factory goes through a ton of chocolate a day and they use chocolate liquor  and not as I thought chocolate powder.  Chocolate liquor is is not the "alcoholic liquer" of the Godiva chocolate brandy, but a liquid made by grinding the nib, meat, of the cocoa bean and then heating up to its liquidification … Continue reading How Cadbury makes those Easter {Creme} Eggs

Bright Days

Bright Week is the first week that follows the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and ends the next Sunday, which is also called "St. Thomas Sunday" (in commemoration of Apostle Thomas' request for physical proof of the Resurrection of Christ). For Orthodox Christians, Bright Week is the beginning of a celebration period that lasts … Continue reading Bright Days